Terms: We accept major credit card payments; however, 4%processing fees apply.  A non-refundable Reservation Fee of %50 must be paid to secure your event date.  The reservation fee will be deducted from the Balance due.  The Final Balance Due MUST be paid in full one month prior to the event date. If payment is not made in full by the agreed date deadline flowers will not be ordered and this agreement is no longer valid and you will forfeit any and all money paid at the time of reservation.


Changes:  You are unable to make any changes that reduce your order after the placement of your order.  You are able to make upgrades and additions to you order and the 50% value of increased items is due at the time you place changes to your order and remaining 50% balance will be added to your balance of 50% due at one month out from your event date.  Cancellations for non payment will apply to original and additions for your event order. Changes and additions cannot be made after the 1 month prior due date.


Market Pricing & Inflation: Prices are subject to change based on changing market prices, if there is an increase or decrease you will be notified before your final payment is due & have the option to pay the difference or make changes to your order.


Additions:  Any additions can be made to your event order after the 50% reservation fee has been paid for increases to your order and upgrades Only.  All additions must pay the 50% additional reservation fee for any new changes or upgrades to be reserved as part of the original event order and the remaining balance of additions or upgrades will be added to the original order 50% due one month prior to the event.  All cancellation policies for non payment apply and reservation fee will be forfeited for non payment for any reason after due date has passed.  Changes and additions cannot be made after the 1 month prior due date.


Cancellations: Each event is a custom order, understand, if payment is not made in full this contract is cancelled and all payments are forfeited. There are no refunds for cancellations of individual items purchased for an event after design confirmed.


Rescheduling: No Rescheduling or Transfers accepted.


Substitutions: “Charmed Events” reserves the right to make substitutions for the reasons given, but not limited to, the event the flowers received are not of a suitable quality, there is a shortage or unavailability,  there is a human error in ordering/shipping/receiving/transport and/or a Natural Disaster/ Mother Nature/ Act of God.  In this event, the integrity of the proposed color scheme will be maintained and flowers of equivalent value or style will be used. If specially requested flowers o must be substituted a like color or value flower will be substituted.


Rentals: All rental items must be returned to “Charmed Events” in like condition by the agreed time.  Bring Back collections must be returned in full with no shortages or damage to items for a “Bring Back Credit” to be issued. Please allow 1 week for “Bring Back Credits” to be applied back to your purchasing card.


Mother Nature: In the event a Natural Disaster/ Mother Nature/ Act of God occurs unexpectedly, is predicted, or is certain we reserve the right to cancel services if the situation is deemed unsafe for our staff, our equipment and/or guest.  We cannot be held liable for any damages that may occur to any property or persons by way of our staff or equipment if a Natural Disaster/ Mother Nature/ Act of God occurs during an event or during delivery to an event. If an event must be cancelled at any time of the scheduled date of service no refunds will be given and we do not accept any reason to reschedule your event.


Delivery:  We will only deliver items to the selected location at the time of reservation and at the specified time.  We cannot be held liable for any extenuating circumstance out of our control that may cause a delay in the delivery of items.  Once items are delivered we are no longer liable for the care or condition of any items delivered.  All items will be checked for quality and correct items delivered at the time of delivery with the specified person selected during the reservation of the event.  If an incorrect address and location is given then it is up to the discretion of “Charmed Events” to charge an additional delivery fee and we are under no time obligation selected at time of reservation to deliver items other than on the date of the event.


Our Promise to You: “Charmed Events” will provide all the services specified in the agreed event order. We guarantee our presence at the places and times specified.


Payments:  We will accept major credit card payments only and 50% of the event order must be paid to secure your event items and date.  The balance remaining of 50% will be made by major credit card and must be made by one moth prior to the event or the event will be canceled and all money paid for the reservation fee will be forfeited.