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This style is designed with the free spirited girl in mind. It is described as flowy, vintage, honing touches of ethnic-inspiration and full of natural-looking textures.

Foliage Collection

this style is perceived to be all about the minimalist gal but don’t discount the drama that can be achieved by the bold combination of different shades of green leaves with various textures. Glamour and luxury can be easily achieved with garlands in this style.


This style brings smiles to the country girl at heart. Mum is no longer the word when it comes to the new colors bringing life to this timeless variety of flowers and this is no longer your mommas Mason Jar with its newly imagined chic style.

Wild Flower

This style speaks to those who day dream of summer fields of wild flowers. Perfectly picked and each bunch unique in its own way nature intended.


This style has all the feels of the islands with bold colors, unique flowers and tropical leaves.


This style has succulents, naturals and dried textures and is described as earthy with BoHo undertones and the adventurous outdoors.


This style is all about unique flower combinations and line work. Bold creative designs that speak for themselves.

Single Sensations

This style is amazing for its blend of beauty on a budget. Elegant designs showcase your single favorite flower to the fullest.