Is Charmed Events a DIY Floral Service? Do I make the arrangements myself?

Put simply, no! Your flower arrangements will arrive arranged and event-ready, the only thing you need to do is place them where you want them. No need for follow-along videos or recipe books, all while trying to keep your flowers fresh. We take the pressure off, just order > receive > place – it’s really that simple!

Can I Pick up my order?

Because transporting flowers is a delicate process, we don’t offer pick up service. This ensures that your flowers are stored and loaded correctly, in a  climate controlled vehicle, and transported safely to ensure wedding-ready perfection!

Do I need to return the containers?

No, the containers are yours to keep unless you opt into the buy back program. Charmed Events is a sales service, so all containers and items are yours to keep!

What is the Buy Back Program?

Not sure what to do with your containers? Don’t have a use for 15 glass vases? We gotcha! Simply select the ‘buy back’ option event at check out, and return your complete set of containers within 3 days of your event for 30% of the value paid. (terms and conditions).